Inspiration is everywhere.​ We like to share stories, news from our projects and perspectives on the sustainability of our food system, empowering community resilience and how to create a more socially inclusive world.

We like to spread great ideas and best practices that can help each of us take action in our daily lives - like reducing food loss and waste and supporting your local community. You will find us amplifying the voices of our Refettorio partners, guests, chefs, volunteers, artists, designers, donors, suppliers, community partners and ambassadors - really everyone that believes in our mission, sharing the values and principles. It's our collective impact that creates social change.

Learn more about the world we aim to build together.

Food for Soul is a non-profit organization​ empowering socially responsible actions that nurture our environment and nourish people. ​ Our Refettorio collaborations around the world demonstrate our principles and show the impact of bringing culture and community together to ​ create a future in which we all can thrive.

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